Student Bar Association
February 17, 2005
                    "I Promise - I Deliver"

It's not just another meaningless campaign slogan, it represents 1) my commitment to the students here at the law school, 2) the fulfillment of my campaign promises last year, and 3) the great success I expect this year.

Last year my main platform issues were to bring Chic-fil-A to the law school, work on getting more student activity fees, lobby for money to buy a change machine, and to represent the school on safety issues.

On each of those issues, I have delivered.  We have Chic-fil-A food options at lunch, and have a good opportunity to make even further improvements.  We are getting $4,000 more in activity fee money than ever before.  We have a change machine, (although it is currently out of service it should be back up and running in the next week or two.)  And, we have made important strides in campus safety. 
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Also in the past year, I have overseen the creation of the Advocates program, 1L Orientation, the Bowling League, helped bring the Russell House Bookstore to our building, served on the Student-Faculty Taskforce, the Executive Committee, the University Safety Committee, served as Chairman of the Finance Committee in Student Government, helped organize SCSSA (a statewide student lobbying group), and worked with SBA programs and events too numerous to list here.

This year I have an aggressive platform of realistic objectives to both continue and build upon our past successes.
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1.  Online Faculty Evaluations
2.  Wireless Internet
3.  Student Activity Fees
4.  Organize a Lobbying Effort to Fight Tuition Increases
5.  Continue to Effectively Address Safety Concerns
6.  Continue to Improve Dining Services
.  Work to Improve the On-Site Book Sale
8.  Remove the Ticket Cap on Block-Seating
9.  Formally make the Bowling League an SBA-run event
10.  Make the Loan Consolidation Workshop a Recurring Event

All in all, I have six years of experience dealing with faculty and administrators at every level and in virtually every department at USC.  I have the knowledge and experience necessary to evoke real, positive change at the School of Law.
You trusted me with your vote last year, I simply ask that you place that same trust in me one more time so that I can continue to work hard for you.

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"This year, I have an aggressive platform of realistic objectives to both continue and build upon our past successes."
-David Bornemann
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